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Councillor Tom Bewick

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Based on the west side of Hove, Wish and Westbourne make up two electoral districts (known as wards) of Brighton & Hove City Council.


The area is home to a vibrant mix of people, diverse communities and businesses.


Many families choose to live in Wish and Westbourne because of the many excellent schools and local amenities. The area is a great place for retirees, who can enjoy various leisure activies, including the Victorian seafront promenade, pleasant in all seasons. Young people, business owners and entrepreneurs are attracted to this part of the city because it is so diverse.


We have ambitions to make our communities even stronger! Join us.


Labour in Wish & Westbourne


The Labour Party has an active presence in Wish & Westbourne. We are committed to community-based politics where we reach out to all residents and address your concerns, regardless of which party you voted for.


We are committed to making Wish & Westbourne an even better place to live. Our values are based on fairness, tolerance and mutual respect.


We believe our elected representatives should focus on getting the basics right: such as cleaner streets; better recycling rates; more opportunities for our young people; enough school places; a fair deal for tenants; affordable homes; thriving local businesses and dignity in old age. Working as a team, we pursue sustainable policies that grow local prosperity, while protecting local services and the most vulnerable.


We are pro-business, pro-fairness, pro-a-better-environment


You can contact us at any time with your issues or concerns and one of us will get right back to you.


Get involved in local campaigning activities by following our news which also details when we will next be in your street.