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Councillor Tom Bewick

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Labour's contract with Wish & Westbourne residents


Our goals: better jobs, more homes, excellent schools, and decent basic services.


Our values: fairness, sustainability and competence.


  • We will make collecting refuse, increasing recycling and cleaning the streets a top council priority. The Leader and senior councillors will personally oversee work to improve the service.

  • We will commit to tackle the city's housing crisis by building at least 500 council houses by 2019, and securing 40% affordable homes in new housing developments.

  • We will consult on introducing a register of landlords to protect tenants in the private rented sector, promote secure tenancies and tackle rip-off fees through a Tenants' Charter.

  • We will build a new secondary school to meet the growing need for places across the city, and it will be run by the council under powers restored by a Labour government. We will work to ensure all schools are accountable and offer excellent education.

  • We will aim to keep any increases in council tax and parking charges within inflation-level rises, with additional income invested in public services, road safety and transport infrastructure that the city needs and residents want.

  • We will establish a Fairness Commission to tackle the growing poverty and inequality in the city, independently chaired, reporting within a year and funded within existing budgets, to set out an action plan for the Labour Administration and partner organisations to implement.

  • We will work to support a broad, sustainable and prosperous economy that benefits all parts of the city, with secure jobs paying the Living Wage and action to combat zero-hours contracts. There will be innovative proposals in our manifesto to help small and medium sized businesses in the city.

  • We will ensure that major projects that are built in Brighton and Hove offer jobs, homes and new facilities for the city, are affordable, are rigorously scrutinised and are delivered on time with private investment not taxpayer debt.

  • We will seek to eliminate youth unemployment in the city within four years, with real apprenticeships and career opportunities for young people.

  • We will aim to keep public services local and democratically accountable, with power devolved to communities. Sustainability and Co-operative principles will run through the solutions we develop to meet the funding challenges we face.


Cllr. Tom Bewick

Tom Bewick has a professional background in education, skills and enterprise policy spanning two decades. He is owner and MD of a skills and management consultancy, New Work Training Ltd., which is dedicated to helping clients expand the number of high quality apprenticeships. As a local councillor in Brighton & Hove, and chair of the local education authority, he is currently leading the city's efforts to eliminate long-term youth unemployment.


Cllr. Bewick was an adviser to the Government, 1997-2004, on youth and adult education policy. He was co-founder and chief executive of the creative and cultural industries skills council between 2004-2010; and co-founder and chief executive of the International Skills Standards Organisation (INSSO) Ltd., 2010-2015, where he advised several multi-national corporations and overseas governments on global workforce development issues. He has written several influential publications, and independently blogs at www.tombewick.com